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Hook improvements

Hook improvements

Euro Offshore BV is a company that imports and distributes lifesaving equipment such as: rigid inflatable rescue boats, workboats-lifeboats, and motion compensated launching appliances for rescue, – and lifeboats boats . Furthermore we produce and design under own brand names ribs and workboats in aluminum and fiberglass. Euro Offshore services bv is responsible as an authorized service station of J. Xinjiang and Wolong (lifeboats-fast and rescue boats) and Zhenjiang (davit systems) for the annual survey.

Our lifting hook is improved and certified according to the new Life Saving Appliances (LSA) code.

Lifeboat hook improvements

New hook release system

Due to amendments in the Life Saving Appliances (LSA) code, by resolution MSC 320 and new prototype test as amended by resolution MSC 321 we developed a serie of new hook release system. We would like to inform you that the non-compliant hook release systems have to be replaced before July 1, 2014

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The new IMO regulations

Resolution MSC.320. Amendments to the LSA code:

  • The mechanism shall not be able to open due to wear, misalignment and unintended force within the hook assembly or operating mechanism.
  • The hook assembly shall continue to be closed and hold its safe working load through rotation of the cam by up to 45 degrees ineither direction.
  • To provide hook stability, the release mechanism shall be designed so that when it is fully reset in the closed position, the weight of the lifeboat does not cause any force to be transmitted to the operating mechanism.
  • Locking devices shall be designed so that they cannot become open due to forces from the hook load.
  • All components of the hook unit… in a lifeboat shall be of material that is corrosion resistant in the marine environment, without the need for coatings or galvanizing. Resolution MSC.321.

Prototype testing:

  • The lifeboat release and retrieval system… loaded to 100% of its safe working load and released. Load and release should be repeated 50 times.
  • The hook assembly, whilst disconnected from the operating mechanism, should then be tested 10 times with cyclic loading from zero load to 1.1 times the safe working load, at a nominal 10 seconds per cycle, and the hook should not open during this test.
  • Release handle: The actuation force should be no less than 100N and no more than 300 N after these tests.

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