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About Euro Offshore Services

About Euro Offshore Services

For over 20 years, Euro Offshore Services BV (EOS) is specialized in building, repairing and servicing offshore products for the leisure market and professional market. Euro Offshore Services is situated in Holland and due to that Dutch craftsmanship, in combination with our extensive expertise, we have earned a prominent place in the offshore business. We take pride in our products, and therefore also pay much attention to after sales and service.

None of the achievements at Euro Offshore Services would have been possible without our extensive program of design, manufacturing and process assessment in our manufacturing plant. It is because of this program, that we are on top of the market in building and designing high demanding offshore products for the professional and leisure market.

Our in house technical and design team carefully research and produce exceptional on-water performance boats, with special attention to hull design, tube geometry, shape, carrying capacity and operational characteristics. This way, our range of crafts have outstanding buoyancy, seaworthiness, handling, stability and safety.

Euro Offshore Services BV is as an authorized service station of J. Xinjiang-Wolong (life-, rescue-, fast rescue-, and free-fall boats) and Zhenjiang Marine Auxiliary Machinery (davit systems), responsible for the annual survey of your vessel.

The core business of Euro Offshore is the production of aluminium sport boats, work boats, landing crafts and Rib’s and the commissioning of life saving equipment.
Euro Offshore Services also produces a large range of boats (4,5 mtr to 20 mtr plus ) and builds, assembles and repairs your aluminum and fiber glass hull/boat.